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How to keep your data secure when you're working from a remote location 

Cyber threats have escalated in recent years, and now more than ever, individuals and businesses are concerned about digital security.

Yes, businesses regularly get hacked, and consumer data gets stolen.  But the reality is you don’t need to hack a business to steal someone’s personal data these days.  We all put information about ourselves publicly on the internet every day.  It’s almost unavoidable.  The more we use the internet, the more information we disclose about ourselves.  Public records to social media all contain valuable personal information about us.  More information aggregates about us each day: creating an historic record of our lives.

Everyone, if they are posting online, has a responsibility to improve their individual awareness of data privacy and cyber security.  The UK Government has recognised this and have introduced changes to the national curriculum to try and instil more cyber awareness in children from an earlier age.  

So, how can you keep your data safe in a world of malware, rogue software and phishing when you are working remotely? Here are some useful ideas

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In our rapidly-evolving technological climate, ensuring everyone is fully on-board with cyber security isn't just a necessity, it's a wise investment in your business and your reputation.

Be #CyberAware

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