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Cloud Computing has revolutionised how businesses approach IT, allowing them to regain control they have previously lost, and using IT as their enabler and not the other way around. 

The internet underpins Cloud Computing; it is easily accessible, on-demand and cost effective. Businesses want to continue to leverage it to not only stay ahead, but to keep up. This may however, over the next few years come with a high price. 

Like any supply and demand industry, where demand outstrips supply, it isn’t long before corners are cut and risks are taken. In an effort to do the right thing, it is entirely likely that individuals and businesses will take an increased risk in order to improve and move forward but this needs to be tempered. Security at every level will need to continue, or in some cases drastically improve, in order to cope with tomorrow’s internet.

 There will be more end users than ever before, who are born into an understanding of the internet and how to use it. The ability to write programs and publish code are at the fingertips of every child in the world and the internet not only provides the platform to put these talents on show, it positively encourages the opening of Pandora’s Box. 

Governance and control will be a fundamental pillar for businesses as they move forward through the next few years. As positive as it is and has been to apply agile frameworks and methodologies to the business approach, these will need further scrutiny so that they don’t end up being the catalyst for a major problem or outage.

These are interesting times in which IT’s greatest gift, the internet, needs a little more control around it. Businesses will need to ensure that they approach security in a way that enables them to move forward and leverage this gift and not be shackled by process and bureaucracy that prevents them from achieving their goals.



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