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Could the government be doing more to protect UK Businesses?

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Much is already being done to improve the way businesses protect consumer data, with many initiatives being championed by governments around the world. But could governments be doing more?  Are they even responsible for protecting businesses online? Spending tax money to protect private businesses is pretty controversial.

Some believe the answer lies in improving regulation and legislation. That said, how effective can this truly prove? Regulation can only punish businesses if there is a breach, ultimately making the provision of their services costlier for the end consumer.

As to changes in legislation, they're unlikely to improve the situation, short-term, as hacking isn't a regional problem - it's global. Being hacked in the UK from another country, you're unlikely to benefit from any legal protection, even if you can prove the source. Nevertheless, it's clear that both regulation and legislation need to evolve alongside our rapidly-changing environment. But they're not the silver bullet some think.

Businesses regularly get hacked; with catastrophic results.  But criminals do not need to hack a business to steal personal data. The day-to-day sharing of personal information online creates digital footprints that are hard to erase, and easy for criminals to feed off. Depending on your privacy settings your Facebook feed can provide a lot of people with a lot of easily-used information.

We're not suggesting you delete your social media profiles and completely remove yourself from the digital space. But! What we are suggesting is that you respect the realm in which you operate. Be mindful of the information you share, how you share it, and remember: what's visible to the public is easily-grabbed by criminals.

In order to enjoy the luxuries that technology affords us, perhaps we all just have to accept a little risk?



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