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What is 6point6's Cloud Gateway?

6point6 Cloud Gateway allows you to simply and securely connect to multiple Clouds, whilst encrypting your network traffic and managing its movement through a central security enforcement point. Fully managed, flexible and scalable, it will allow you to phase your move to cloud services and transform your network at speed.

Whether you are beginning your journey to cloud adoption, or have many existing cloud services, 6point6 Cloud Gateway allows you to eliminate physical devices, reduce costs, and enhance your security, underpinned by a flexible infrastructure that will adjust whenever your business requires it. 


Cloud Journey

Cloud Journey

Network Transit

Network Transit

Cyber Security


Cloud Broker

Cloud Broker

Stratus SD-WAN ( Software Defined Wide Area Network)

Stratus SD-WAN


Connectivity Options


6point6 Cloud Gateway can be consumed in many different ways. We understand that your existing connectivity model may be new or old and we also understand that you may be in a transition state.

Regardless of your current set up, we have connectivity options that will support your business and allow 6point6 Cloud Gateway to seamlessly integrate and facilitate your requirements both in the interim and long term.

Stratus is the 6point6 Cloud Gateway SD-WAN service. Any sites that are connected to stratus will leverage the internet as a WAN and have a stratus edge located inside 6point6 Cloud Gateway for connectivity.


One Network, One Security, Endless possibilities.


One of the biggest challenges for any business today is the cloud journey. The migration of your IT services from a legacy footprint to a cloud based architecture can be a daunting one. There are many elements to cloud, stretching from networks and infrastructure to hosting to applications to management to service and many more. Keeping all of those working whilst on your cloud yourney can become a complex task in itself.

“Laying the foundation for your journey to the cloud”

The Cloud Journey - Cloud Gateway topography of components

6point6 Cloud Gateway is the enabler that allows you to move forward with all of these elements. Maintaining a robust and secure infrastructure is the foundation for the movement of or re-provisioning of your own infrastructure, services and applications.



Most businesses start their cloud journey when they are at the peak of connectivity into and out of their network. Multiple sites, on-premise data centres, cloud service providers and a number of other connections can make this move too complex; delaying or preventing it.  

Our 6point6 Cloud Gateway has been designed by experts to allow for fluid connectivity into, out of and across the 6point6 Cloud Gateway infrastructure. It will be the transit nucleus at the heart of your business.

You can connect to 6point6’s Cloud Gateway in a variety of ways, including MPLS and Internet circuits. You can use any routing protocols, as well as public and private IP address spaces. The 6point6 Cloud Gateway infrastructure is resilient and flexible; multiple infrastructure stacks can be put in place, connected or isolated to help your business requirements.

Network and Digital Transformation: Cloud Gateway Infographic


6point6 Cloud Gateway allows you to adopt a single enforcement point for your network traffic. Our modular approach to security means that we can offer you granularity in every facet of threat prevention. Advanced reporting gives you visibility of what every user is doing, granting you complete control and visibility over your network.

We know that security is an ever changing landscape and 6point6 Cloud Gateway enables you to effectively adapt to that change. You may want additional protection. You may want to amend the protection levels you have to mitigate a new threat. You may want to amend protection levels to mitigate false positives with your business applications. 6point6 Cloud Gateway provides this security flexibility and more.

            Secure Web access to the internet      Anti-Virus   Firewall-as-a-Service (FaaS)     White listing Anti-Malware   Secure Mobility access             
               Secure Web            Anti-Virus              Firewall-as-a-Service             Whitelisting             Anti-Malware         Secure Mobility         


As your organisation embarks upon its cloud journey, there are many cloud service providers who can offer you a range of services. The freedom of selecting multiple providers whilst maintaining secure connectivity between your legacy and new platforms is a challenge.

6point6 Cloud Gateway provides a cloud broker service which enables you to connect to any cloud hosting provider of your choice. This includes all of the major providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM and Google Cloud but all providers, big or small, are eligible.

Connectivity options include the use of Public Cloud, Private Cloud and commonly recognised Cloud Service offerings; IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.


Are you worried that the network component of your cloud migration is too risky for the possible reward? Dedicated networks can be prohibitively expensive for businesses that need fast, flexible access to their cloud services.

Our 6point6 Cloud Gateway Stratus is an integrated SD-WAN service.  It offers the flexibility to benefit from the price point of an internet circuit, while having a fully-managed service so your business can continue to function. The result? A cheaper networking experience with a huge number of features. You’ll be more in control of your network, users will have more flexibility, and you’ll have better performance from sensitive applications like voice and video.

6point6 Cloud Gateway will be the catalyst for your journey to the cloud and the enabler for network and digital transformation across your organisation.

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